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It is Time For A Change

  • Exhausted from creating fire music but zero engagement and no growth?


  • Tired of waiting for that big break, that one moment where someone will “discover” you?


  • Drained and deflated from seeing your tracks get drowned out on Spotify and Soundcloud?


Here at Imperium Agency we dedicates our time to help music underdogs gain real exposure using organic playlist placements and targeted viral ad strategies.

We offer real solutions ...with huge results!


This package includes…

⭐️Our Imperium Agency marketing nuts will create viral ad strategies, customized for your audience and sound

⭐️ Proof of our high-quality work sent straight to your inbox for 100%


⭐️100% customer satisfaction guaranteed and access to our highly trained

24/7 customer support team

Imperium Network

How does it work?

Over the years, Imperium Agency has developed relationships with the curators of established playlists on Spotify and Soundcloud, spanning multiple genres.

Here are few examples of the few of the networks that collaborate with us:

Must Music: Must Music Summer

Instant: Instant TikTok

And many more...

Depending on your genre and audience, we can get you featured in a playlist, ideally suited for your sound, so your music is heard by the right people.

We use our expertise in marketing and music platforms to help you develop viral ad strategies, without dealing in fake followers, bots, or other scams.

Along the way, our customer support team is always on hand to answer queries as quickly as possible, and you can track our work via the breakdown sent straight to your inbox.

No fuss. No faff. Just straight up RESULTS!!


-> We don’t believe in fake followers, fake exposure and fake promises. ‘Buying’ fake success is not our style, and no artist should lower themselves to that standard. We believe in real, organic marketing practices, customized to your needs.

-> Forget bots. We get your music in front of real people with an interest in your type of music, so your music can get real fans!

-> Our team prides itself in using our sophisticated marketing and targeting strategies to help underdogs gain exposure and results (we’re a bit obsessed with music platforms!)

-> In fact, we’ve been in the game so long, and have honed our marketing and audience targeting strategies so precisely, that we have no competition in terms of results and customer experience. We’re simply the best at what we do.

-> The reviews for our service are our pride and joy. They tell you everything you need to know, so please check them out.

-> For any unanswered questions, our team is always (always!) on hand to chat. We can talk about your objectives, our services, marketing advice - you name it, we’re here.

So, how can you get started taking your music to the next level?

Due to the popularity of our service and the time we like to invest in our clients, we have a very limited promotion spots available every week.

Add us to your cart, and get ready for your music to begin gaining momentum - you’re in for a hell of a ride!





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